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Minouche Kandel, staff for Mayor’s Task Force on Anti-Human Trafficking, speaks to TAYSF

Why do so many young people become exploited and/or trafficked in Sf Bay Area?

MINOUCHE: S.F. is a hub of trafficking for the same reason it’s a tourist hub, but child sex trafficking survivors are primarily home-grown. Typically we think of trafficking happening in a developed country. But here, most sexually trafficked youth are U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents. Most have a history with the child welfare system. These are kids we were responsible for, but end up being trafficked. It is our moral responsibility to make sure that these youth are not sexually trafficked on our watch.

This interview appears in our Summer 2014 TAYSF Newsletter.


About TAYSF:

Four years since the Mayor’s Transitional Youth Task Force, TAYSF’s mission to improve the system of support for disconnected young adults remains vital to our City’s future, and we applaud the Mayor’s Office and DCYF for taking on the responsibility of seeing it through. As the work moves into DCYF, we are especially thrilled to launch a new online resource directory--SF4Tay.org--in collaboration with TAYSF’s City-wide Transitional Age Youth Advisory Board.  Designed by and for young adults, SF4Tay.org includes comprehensive and up-to-date listings of all programs and services available to disconnected 16-24 year-olds on one central site. TAYSF Team: Jose-Luis Mejia, jose-luis@taysf.org. Glenn Eagleson, geagleson@dcyf.org. Justin Slaughter, justin@taysf.org.

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