Who Are San Francisco TAY

San Francisco TAY Statistics

We estimate up to 9,000 transitional age youth in San Francisco are out of school & out of work, and in need of coordinated services. [Minnesota Population Center, 2010]

Population by category Numbers of San Franciscans ages 16 to 24

Involved in Public Systems

1,160 TAY on Adult or Juvenile Probation
800 Current or Former Foster Care Youth


5,700 Homeless or Marginally Housed Youth [Larkin Street Youth Services, “Youth Homelessness in San Francisco” report, 2010]

Living with a disability or other special need

5,000 Youth with Disabilities


7,700 18-24 year olds have not obtained a High School Diploma or GED [Integrated Public Use Microdata Series, Minnesota Population Center, University of Minnesota 2010]
Over 700 students drop out of middle and high
school each year [CA Dropout Research Project, 2009-10]

554 high school students at SFUSD are currently
off-track by 1 or more years [SFUSD Curriculum and Instruction Department, November 2013]


5,000 undocumented 14-24 year-olds have little to no legal options for employment
1,400 18-24 year olds receive cash welfare [HSA, 2012]
receive food stamps [Ibid]

Health & Wellbeing

6,000 16-24 year-olds without health insurance [CA Health Interview Survey, 2009]
42% of San Francisco’s homicide victims were age
25 and younger [San Francisco Police Department, 2013]


1,902 Homeless youth and young adults are under 25 years old [San Francisco Homeless Point-in-Time Count and Survey, 2013]

25% of the homeless population is children and
youth under 25 years old [ibid, 2013]